Usefull code pices for HG API, like list if important URLs and navigation helpers.

class hangout_api.utils.Participant(name, profile_id)

Alias for field number 0


Alias for field number 1

class hangout_api.utils.Timeouts[source]

Timeouts helper, contain set of used timeouts for easier management

class hangout_api.utils.Utils(browser)[source]

Batch of function to navigate through G+ Hangout to keep main API class cleaner

browser = None

Instance of the seleniumwrapper library


If somewhere on page is visible “cancel” or “close” button, this method will click on it

click_menu_element(xpath, func='xpath')[source]

Make items menu to show out if it is hidden and click on its element provided by ‘xpath’ argumet


Clicks on button with text “Save”


Returns True if user is loged in, otherwise returns False. Be careful this function analyzing current URL to determinate if user loged in or not.


Opens dialog box for device setting in HG call.

set_text(node, text)[source]

Helper to remove text from input and then set text to it. Takes xpath or selenium node and text.

hangout_api.utils.click_on_app_icon(browser, xpath, func='xpath')[source]

Clicks on app icon on menu panel


Helper function to clean up string from ‘thml’ symbols


Context manager to preform operations ‘silently’

hangout_api.utils.tries_n_time_until_true(func, try_num=10)[source]

Helper that repeats some action unlit its returns something different from False or None. Returns Function result