Welcome to Python Hangout Api’s documentation

Hangout API is python API for for controlling Google Hangouts video calls built on top of selenium library. It provides ability to create new hangouts, connect to existing calls, invite people to call and manage call settings.

Hangout structure:

Some extensions are only available in Hangouts On Air. These are:

Also you can read developers notes

How to use Hangout API

First you need to log in:

>>> hangout = Hangouts()
>>> hangout.login(email, password)

Then you can start a new hangout or connected to an existing one.

>>> hangout.start()

Once in a hangout you can invite (via an email address or using a circle name) other people to the hangout.

>>> hangout.invite(['maxybot@gmail.com', 'Friends'])

Or get (or change) call setting, like bandwidth, audio, etc:

>>> hangout.microphone.get_devices()
>>> hangout.video.get_devices()

And leave the call when you done:

>>> hangout.disconnect()

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